Registered Agent Requirements

All business entities in the Commonwealth of Virginia are required to have a registered agent in Virginia to receive service of process on their behalf. Official notices and documents from the State of Virginia, such as the annual report will also be sent to the Virginia resident agent. A registered agent in Virginia is also sometimes referred to as a Virginia resident agent or a Virginia resident agent. The requirements of the VA registered agent are:

  • Maintain normal business hours at a business office (registered office).

  • Be available during those business hours to receive service of process.

  • Have a legal address in Virginia (a Post Office Box is not acceptable).

  • A business entity cannot serve as its own VA registered agent.

Why Choose Us

It is true that in all states, you can be your own business’s registered agent.

But do you want to be?

Being a registered agent means being available at your business’s location during normal business hours, five days a week, something most new business owners have trouble doing since they’re busy starting their business. Being a registered agent also means being responsible for tax forms and tracking annual report dates with the state, things that can easily be forgotten and cost you in the long run. The one upside to not hiring a registered agent is you’ll save the annual fee, typically around $100. But the freedom you gain from hiring one often makes up for the expenditure.

How To Change

There is no charge to change your VA registered agent and you can do it online instantly. To learn more about our services to represent you as your Registered Agent or to make this change, contact us.

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